Dr. Thomas J. Brommage, Ph.D.



Recent News:

06.17.13: I'm pleased to announce that I have accepted an offer to join the Philosophy Program at Sam Houston State University (in Huntsville, TX). I will be starting there in the Fall. More details on classes I will be offering there, as well as draft syllabi for Fall 2013 will become available in early August.

01.05.13: Syllabi for spring semester courses now available here.

08.16.12: Draft syllabi for fall courses posted here.

08.07.12 My office has moved. You can now find me in TLC 2243!

06.27.12: Draft syllabi for summer Intro. to Philosophy course posted here.

09.30.11 Copies of student evaluations for the Summer 2011 have been posted here!

07.06.11 Copies of student evaluations for the Spring 2011 semester have been posted here!

01.04.11: Syllabi for spring courses posted here.

11.29.10: I was in a bookstore this weekend and noticed that The Onion and Philosophy has finally hit shelves. My essay is near the end (#21). It would make a great gift!


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